Red Carpet Smokey Eyes

For times when you want a little bit more from your makeup, a smokey eye look is glamorous and flattering, plus easier than you may think to achieve at home. There are a couple of rules to follow to make sure your look doesn’t smudge and turn into panda eyes! It is about getting just the right amount of drama to still enhance your natural beauty. And yes, this look can be achieved using natural, toxin-free products! I used mainly INIKA Organic Makeup.



With a potentially messy eye makeup where fallout can occur, it’s best to start with the eyes so you can clean up and spill before applying your foundation.

Start with a black or charcoal cream eyeshadow all over the eyelids. This will provide your base and help set your makeup for a longer lasting, smudge-free finish. Next apply a dark eyeshadow powder, which matches your cream shade, preferably a charcoal, over the top of your cream shadow. Next use a medium brown eyeshadow powder to blend above the eyelid, following the shape of the brow.

Next apply a black eyeliner to the waterline (of your lower lash line) and finish the eye look with mascara. You want to keep the drama on the eyelid, and not below the eyes, since that can be too much, which is why it is best to apply the eyeliner just to waterline for this look. I also added a touch of silver pigment to the centre of the eyelids, brow bones and the corner of the eyes. Adding an element of light, is particularly flattering for brown eyes. For shorter lashes, individual falsies can be added.


Clean up any smudges under the eyes, and apply your foundation. For a lightweight, luminous look, mix a liquid highlighter in with your foundation.

Next use bronzer to contour the skin, and highlighter in all the right places (upper cheekbones, cupid’s bow, tip of the nose, etc.)

Groom brows using a soft comb and fill in any gaps with a brow pencil.


Choose a nude lipstick or gloss of your choice. If going for a matt finish, lipstick is best. Matt lips will contrast nicely with the luminosity of your skin.

A top tip for achieving your perfect nude is to conceal the lips first.


Finding this look too tricky to do at home? Book in for a makeup lesson with me, and I will help you master smokey eye makeup every time.

The Secret To Healthy Glowing Skin


My signature look has always been healthy, glowing skin, which I believe is a result of the nutrient-rich organic formulas I choose to use, blurring the line between makeup and skincare. I wouldn’t choose to apply known toxic synthetic ingredients to my own skin, let alone my client’s, when I know their are natural alternatives providing just as good (if not better) results. But not all natural formulas are created equal, which is why I have spent years researching and trialling brands, handpicking only the best of the best for my kit.

Skincare is even more important than makeup for providing that radiant look and where healthy skin begins. A non-reactive, gentle formula is integral to the health of skin. SPF by day, nourishing products by night, and a good weekly exfoliant and mask combo are really the basic necessities needed for protection and repair from environmental, biological and chronological skin ageing, with environmental impacts such as UV rays, free radicals and pollution giving our skin daily assaults. My product recommendations in the past have helped improve common skin complaints such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation. (I will write a separate post on my skincare recommendations soon). But it’s important to remember that other factors such as diet, genetics and adequate hydration play a large role in the skin’s appearance too.

Getting back to makeup, I have been using INIKA Certified Organic Makeup for the last 7 years and really believe it to be one of a kind for not only its pure product formulas, but incredible performance and wide product range. For those wanting a natural, but slightly matt, finish, and those with a combination/oily skin type, INIKA Liquid Foundation is my go-to. While for those with mature skin, dry skin, or after extra glow, Vapour Organic Beauty Foundations are my favourite. I also have other options available, including from Gressa and Kjaer Weis for different skin types and finishes.

Before applying foundation, I prep and prime the skin with a natural skin oil or hydrating serum, and then apply a primer to help prolong the wear of the foundation. If necessary, I will exfoliate my clients skin first, but always recommend my brides have regular facials leading up to their big day to ensure their skin is in its optimum health and condition, and is a smooth canvas.

Other products which are great for achieving that gorgeous glow, are INIKA’s Light Reflect Cream, which can be mixed with their foundation for added radiance, or applied separately over the top. I also love a cream bronzer, highlighter and blush (over powder formulas), but they are not suitable for every one. Kjaer Weis cream products are my pick for some sophisticated colour and shine in all the right places!

Colour choices are key when it comes to creating the right kind of glow, warmer tones tend to make the skin look lit from within for a more youthful look. I always use colour theory to work out which shades will really make my individual client’s makeup pop for their most flattering results.